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What to Help When Your Kids Avoid Losing Things

A backpack left on the bus, a jacket left at sports practice or a house key that disappears. Parents of children who commonly lose their belongings know that this is a very common, but frustrating issue. A very few percentage of children are very mature and responsible when it comes to keeping track of their belongings. A larger amount of children, however, go through a period where they just can’t seem to keep track of their belongings.

The good news though if your child is a little absent minded is that there are things you can do to help them keep track of their things. Here we will look at some easy tips.

Use Kid Labels

By labelling your children’s things you can prevent a range of different problems. For one you’ll prevent your children from accidentally picking up other kids’ t-shirts and jumpers which is a common problem, and at the same time you’ll prevent the other kids from taking theirs. When your children are very young and perhaps struggle to read their own name, there are a number of alternative solutions and you can get around the issue by using a small image or colour code to make their belongings more instantly recognisable.

What’s more though, is that by having a label in your children’s clothes, you’ll help teachers and other staff to identify that those items belong to them. Most of the time, when your child loses their jumper, they will just have left it on a chair at school. If a name is in it then, it can be waiting for them in their place the very next morning.

Some items of course won’t have space for material labels, but in those cases you can just as easily use a permanent marker, or a sticker to indicate what belongs to your children.

Use Handles and Chords

When selecting your child’s lunchbox or school bag, remember that they’re going to have to keep hold of these regularly and it can help a great deal if they have something to hang on to or attach it to. A lunchbox with a strap for instance can be hung on one shoulder so that your children will be less likely to put it down absent mindedly. Likewise for keys a keychain can make it literally impossible for your children to lose track of them.

Remind Them

Another thing to do is to just keep nagging. You might not want to be that parent who says ‘have you got your lunch box’ every two minutes, but if you do it enough your words will eventually echo in their heads and serve as a regular reminder. If they are old enough to have a phone you can also occasionally send a text or make a call to remind them when there’s anything important they need to remember.

Of course you can also just help them to develop their memory – and games like pairs can help speed this process up.

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