5 Creative Things To Do When Kids Say ‘I’m Bored’

5 Creative Things To Do When Kids Say ‘I’m Bored’

April 14, 2020 Off By Coves1947

We’re all too familiar already with that all-encompassing phrase “Mommy, I’m bored”. It’s natural for children to look to you for something to occupy their time with, especially now that they’re stuck at home all day and can’t go out and use up some of their energy there.

And it’s natural for you, as a parent, to roll your eyes and be exasperated, because you have no idea of that many fun things to do indoors either. And you already used all of them up about a week ago.

Well, fear not, for we’re here to help. We’ve come up with five easy and creative activities you can do with your child during quarantine that will keep both of you entertained and make the hours pass more easily.

Have A Karaoke Party

Don’t worry, you don’t need equipment. You don’t even need a microphone. A make believe one, fashioned out of a kitchen spoon or something, will do just fine.

The trick is to believe in what you’re doing, though. If you act like you’re just pretending, kids aren’t generally fooled and will bore of the pretend pretty easily. Organize a singing contest with the whole family. Go up there and belt out some of your favorites.

Kids love to show off and even more, they will love seeing you get all embarrassed.

Have A Coloring Exhibit

You can get all sorts of fun printables off the internet. There are coloring pages of basically anything you could imagine (animals, cartoon characters, dinosaurs, birds, flowers and many, many more), so make sure you offer you a choice as to what they’ll be coloring.

Take time to color as many pages as possible. Or you know, until they get bored, anyway. Then display them in the house or the garden. Even decorate your fence with them. It will brighten up everybody’s day.

Tell Stories Together

We’re not talking about reading stories. We’re talking about actually making up your own stories. A favorite game of ours involves everyone coming up with a story together. For example, you begin. Set up the scene, name the main character and so on. Then switch it over to your kid. Encourage them to get creative, even if it means coming up with some non-sense, crazy ideas. It’s fun and it boosts children’s self-confidence, which makes it a double winner, in our book.

Have A Dancing Contest

Remember those tunes you used earlier for karaoke? Well, they’re back, this time with professional singing. What you need to do, however, is provide the entertainment, that is, create a dance routine. It can be elaborate, or it can be silly. The point is to be fun.

It will allow both you and your child to take a break from everything that’s going on in the world and just be silly together for a while. Get creative. Think outside the box.