5 Reasons To Download A Parental Control App As Soon As Possible

5 Reasons To Download A Parental Control App As Soon As Possible

September 25, 2020 Off By Coves1947

Fathers and mothers of children and adolescents already know that smartphones have become part of their children’s routine. Whether to play games, chat with friends, study, or surf the internet, the fact is that cell phones do not leave them any longer.

Given this reality, many parents are looking for an alternative to monitor their children’s access to the network, but do not know exactly where to start. To definitively clarify your doubts and present a solution to this, in this post, we will highlight five urgent reasons to use a parental control app:

1.      You Need To Know What Apps Your Child Is Using

One of the biggest curiosities of parents is: can I know exactly what applications my child has on his cell phone? With the FamilyTime parental control app, it is possible to have the list of downloaded and most-used apps by your children. In addition, you will be able to easily access a complete report, which shows a graph with the amount of time your child has spent in each application and how long he has been connected in the last 24 hours, for seven days, and in the last month. But beware: you may be scared by the amount of time spent on the small screens!

2.      Organize Your Children’s Routine

Lack of time to do homework? Does your child spend his nights awake with his cell phone and during the day suffers from lack of sleep? A parental control app helps to establish a healthy routine for using the devices. Experts say that routines bring safety and guidance to children.

Several parents who started using the parental tools give us testimonies that their children improved their school performance, started to read more books, started some physical activity, among other benefits, simply because the routine began to be organized inside their homes.

3.      Know The Location Of Your Children In Real-Time

One of the biggest concerns of parents of teenagers is knowing where they are at all times. Whether they need to leave a friend’s house or return from school, it is essential to follow this path and check where our children are. Isn’t it? It was not for nothing that this feature is highlighted in FamilyTime: with your child’s device connected to the internet and GPS enabled, it is possible to know precisely the address in just one touch on the cell phone, in real-time!

4.      Protect Your Child From Cyber Threats

A parental control app has become a mandatory item due to the escalation of online crimes committed by so-called digital predators. A protection app also keeps children and teenagers safe from viewing inappropriate content, cyberbullying, sexting, sexual abuse, and exploitation, private social media accounts, disclosure of personal data, or even technology addiction issues.

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5.      You And Your Children Need To Spend More Time Together!

“Technology brings people who are far away, but it keeps away those who are close to you.” Have you heard that phrase? In fact, the hustle and bustle of everyday life has robbed family life. And in the short time that parents and children could be together, playing or talking about how the day went, their eyes are trapped on the small screens. Do you bother with that too? That was the reason that motivated the FamilyTime team to offer the Family Time function, which allows parents to lock their kids’ gadgets and disconnect them from the digital world to be present to enjoy moments side by side. Are you ready to try?

In summary, using a single parental control app such as FamilyTime, you can locate your children in real-time, block access to cell phones, block applications, activate healthy routine, and nonetheless monitor and manage their tech use.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join this community of parents who have ensured digital security and real connections with their children!