How to Raise Good Children

How to Raise Good Children

April 30, 2020 Off By Coves1947

Here are some helpful tips for raising good children in a crazy world.

Never use your children as a babysitter. They are not there to babysit their siblings, and shouldn’t be put into that position. You need to let them know who’s who in the zoo, don’t let your child walk all over you when they get upset or angry. You need to acknowledge your emotions as well as theirs without giving in. This will help you keep an open relationship with each other.

Stop The Fighting

If the kids are fighting, don’t let them hit each other. When you see that your kids are having a bad day, cheer them up. Do not jump into their business, ask them, and offer opinions as a parent should. For the most part, let your children work through their won problems. Don’t add to the drama by inserting yourself into their problems, be there for them, but don’t try and fix all their problems. In fact, getting involved with all of your child’s problems can cause more issues. They need to learn how to handle life’s obstacles themselves. Let them deal with it.

Laugh With Your Kids

In tough times it’s good to share a laugh with your kids. Try to ease tension if you notice your child is stressed or upset. Stop the screaming and any unnecessary disciplinary action. Keep your cool, and laugh more with them.

Don’t Worry So Much

When you are worried about your children, it can cause unnecessary tension for you. Worry about them like any normal parent, but don’t obsess over it, there really isn’t much you can do. Most of us work, and most kids are in school during the day, so worrying about them during those hours is a waste of emotion.

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You’re Their Parent – Not Their Friend

Remember that your children are not your friends. As they grow, you might treat them like a good friend, but while they are young, there needs to be a clear parental voice. Proper guidance and encouragement should guide your child as they grow into a respectable adult.

Don’t Lose Your Temper

It’s easy to get mad, but don’t lose your temper. Yelling and being rough sets a bad example for your children. Keep your cool, stay controlled, and manage the situation no matter how mad you are.

They Are Young – Don’t Be Too Judgemental

Do not too judgmental about your children. They are young, growing, and making their way through a complex world. Support them as they develop and go through changes. All children will have days that they are going to misbehave. Some will be normal, and some will be a little odd. Regardless of how they turn out, limit your judgment of them as this can lower their self-esteem.

Encourage Them To Nap

Laying down for a nap after a long afternoon is healthy for a growing mind and body. Children feel refreshed after a nap and regain energy. Their little bodies need the recovery time to grow and be healthy.

Monitor Their Phones And Online Activity

The internet is influencing our kids, make sure that you monitor their mobile devices and social media accounts. Set boundaries and only let your little children on child-friendly websites that offer a secure platform for them to learn, play, and interact with other young children. Never use your child’s real name on social profiles and gaming consoles.


All that anyone can do is lend a helping hand and let your children know that you are there for them.