Helping Your Child Sleep Better

Helping Your Child Sleep Better

September 24, 2020 Off By Coves1947

If your child is having difficulties falling sleep or if they are waking up too early, they may have a sleep disorder. Physiological insomnia, anxiety, and obstructive sleep apnoea are common problems why most children have trouble sleeping at night. This can affect their mental and physical health and it can have a negative impact on how they engage with others and learn at school.

Keeping That In Mind, Let’s Take A Look At Some Things That Parents Can Do To Help Their Children Sleep Better At Night:

Stop Making Sleep The Focus- sleep should come naturally and if children see it as a daily chore, they will have less optimum sleep quality. An hour before bedtime, parents should help children relax and avoid making them anxious. Allow them to read children books or do other things that can make them feel more relaxed.

Alleviate Fears- children are very imaginative and they can be fearful of monsters who lurk in the closet. If parents dismiss these fears, sleep problems can get worse. Simple reassurance may not work. Parents may use “monster spray” to scare away the imaginary creatures or put a toy soldier in front of the closet to stand guard. If children are relaxed before they go to bed, it is less likely for them to have wild imaginations.

Regulate Proper Temperature- children can be quite sensitive to changes in temperature. Melatonin helps to keep a stable core body temperature for comfortable sleep. However, if the room temperature is too cold or too warm, sleep quality can be affected. Keep their room temperature at around 20-degrees Celsius.

Create A Comfortable Environment- quietness, room darkening shades and a soft fluffy pillow could make sleeping an enjoyable experience for children. Make sure that there’s nothing in the room that can distract children.

Create A Consistent Schedule- a consistent schedule is essential for children because it will be relaxing and comforting for them. As an example, children should know if bedtime is one hour away. Children can start their pre-bedtime routines, like have a quick warm shower, brush their teeth, wear comfortable pyjamas, and read an enjoyable book.

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