5 Ways to Make a Divorce Easier On Children

5 Ways to Make a Divorce Easier On Children

May 25, 2021 Off By Coves1947

It’s sad to know that more than one million children suffer from the trauma of divorce in the U.S. every year. While most would agree that divorce is hard on everyone involved, the children often feel the brunt of it, and their typical reactions are anger, sadness, and shock.

Children may react to divorce differently depending on their age, the circumstances of the separation, and their personality. It is important for divorcing parents to prioritize how to make the divorce process easier for their children.

Adults going through divorce need as much support as they can — family, friends, and in most cases, professionals.

As stressful as it may sound, but you can always find people who are willing to help make the entire divorce process easy for you and your children. Ewing Law Offices is one of the trustworthy family law firms that can help you ease the burden of undergoing divorce. Here are their top 5 tips on how to help children deal with divorce:

Let’s discuss more on how we can help children deal with a divorce. Here are some helpful ways:

Keep Changes to a Minimum.

While it is pretty apparent that there will be significant changes in the children’s lives during the divorce, like moving homes and living without one of the parents, the least you can do is avoid changes to the rest of the kids’ routine. Dinner traditions, sports activities, and school pick-ups should continue so your children can feel a sense of normalcy despite the separation, at least in some aspects of their life.

Allow Children to Express Disappointment.

Letting our kids know that we are taking their feelings seriously and don’t downplay their pain and sadness is an excellent way to make them feel understood and show them that their feelings matter. We can also help put their feelings into words and legitimize whatever emotions they’re feeling.


Don’t Argue in Front of the Kids; say Good Things About your ex.

Arguments and heated conversations should happen when your children are not present. While it is tempting to blame the other spouse for their irresponsibility and selfishness that may have resulted in the divorce, you don’t want your children to think that their parents are terrible. Focus on the positive characters of your spouse. Be civil with one another, even for your children’s sake.

Happily Say Goodbye, and Don’t Forget to Smile.

During visitations, when your kids need to go with the other parent, show them that you are happy they are spending time with him/her. Your children will never have a good time if they see one of their parents upset when they leave. This way, there will be less tension between the parents during visitations and pick-ups.

Clearly show and tell your Children they are Deeply Loved.

More than anything else, show your children that whatever may happen with the divorce, it doesn’t change the unconditional love you feel for them. Demonstrate your love through actions and words.

If they feel the need to talk with your spouse more since he or she isn’t always there, allow them to do so. Do not feel jealous or envious.


Divorcing with children makes the already stressful process a more tumultuous one for the family. Imagine the trauma the children are experiencing as they witness the end of their parent’s marriage. Many of them even feel that they are to blame for the divorce of their parents.

But, as tough as it may seem for the children, you should also get the support that you need because this is also going to be tough on you. There are Tulsa divorce help groups and firms are there to support your divorce journey every step of the way.