9 Things To Avoid At All Cost In Front of Kids

9 Things To Avoid At All Cost In Front of Kids

June 19, 2021 Off By Coves1947

Parenting is a big responsibility. You always learn as you advance through parenthood by experiencing different phases of a child’s growth. Parents should be certain about things that they should always avoid in front of their kids.

The behavior and personality of parents is the most influential thing that affects kids’ character. Parents are like role models to the kids. Kids are a reflection of your own personality, and there should be no surprise about this fact.

Things To Avoid

There are certain things that parents must deliberately avoid in front of their kids. The innocent brain is too little to understand the complexities of matters. It is easy for tiny brains to misinterpret things. These little things, in the long run, can ruin the personality of your kid.

1.Argue Or Fight With Your Partner

There will be differences between you and your partner. However, at any cost, avoid any argument or fight in front of your kids. It is always better to resolve the matter and seek out differences behind the closed door. Kids who witness more fights and arguments of parents are at a higher risk of behavioral problems such as aggression and bad conduct.

Parent fights are considered to be toxic to kids’ mental health. In the longer run, this toxicity can seriously cause emotional damage. It is better to maturely resolve your conflicts and disagreements without even letting kids know about it.

2.Smoking Or Drinking

Always refrain from smoking and drinking in front of your kids. Smoking is as injurious to kids’ health as it is for you. When you smoke in front of your kids, they are likely to get the same effects through passive smoking. Likewise, avoid drinking in front of kids as there is a greater probability that kids would secretly experiment the same.

Excessive drinking is injurious to health. When children, either for the sake of fun or experimentation, try out drugs, there is a greater chance that they might fall prey to addiction. Addiction is a difficult condition to deal with, and it sometimes requires medication-assisted treatment and therapy.

3.     Spending Excessive Time Over Gadgets

Do you feel that your kids are spending more time on gadgets? Certainly, they have observed you excessively using gadgets. We understand that it is important for you and sometimes it is a work requirement. However, deliberately look to avoid it in front of kids whenever possible.

Child psychologists suggest parents should rather showcase healthy and engaging habits. Playing in outdoor activities is a good option. It promotes better physical health, it engages kids with you, and it is a good way to promote a good mood.

4.Avoid Teasing Them Publicly

It might seem fun to tease your child in front of others, but it can ruin your child’s personality. The first thing that we need to understand is that children have highly evolved brains, and they can sense and feel embarrassed. Shaming or teasing your child publically is likely to result in a lack of confidence in the long run.

There is a greater chance that the kids might develop certain fears such as fear to face people, make eye contact, and feeling more anxious. It may possibly give rise to many negative thoughts in kids. Growing with these negative thoughts can cause irreversible damage to personality.

5.Losing Your Temper

It is normal to get angry about things. Anger is an emotion that is common to experience but being responsible parents. It is essential for you to avoid showing your anger to kids. It can have devastating effects on your kid’s brain.

The first thing is that each time you lose your temper; the kids get and experience immense stress. This stress is not good for their mental stability and well-being. There is a greater chance that children might begin to refrain from you. It also tends to develop many fears in little minds, which are not good for their growing minds.

6.Bad Mouthing

Kids idealize their parents and follow those behavioral patterns that they observe in them. Badmouthing someone in front of kids is more likely for them to develop it as a strategy to escape from social conflicts. It also promotes negativity in kids.

They will definitely develop a bad impression of different people. They will begin to treat people just as they observe you treating others. Therefore, be cautious how you speak about others in front of your kids, as little cameras are always recording things going around.

7.Comparison With Others

It is normal for parents to see their kids above all. Parents often have high expectations from kids, whether it comes to academics or other extra-curricular activities. Never compare your child with others as it may promote disappointment in them. Furthermore, there is a greater chance that they lose self-confidence.

Every child is unique and possesses different capabilities. Rather than comparing your child with others, look to appreciate them for their small achievement and improvements. This will help them to grow and polish their skills and abilities further.

8.Turning A Deaf Ear

Never turn a deaf ear when your kids are telling you something. Listening to them more carefully is a vital opportunity to make a strong connection with your kids. This allows them to share their problems and troubles with you. Mutual conversation is a good way to help your kids relieve stress and feel more happy and confident.

9.Excessive Praising

Compliment your child whenever necessary. Unnecessarily praising your child might not work out every time. Excessive praise becomes meaningless to them. Therefore, parents should use it as an effective tool and be very cautious about it.

Take Away

Parents play a vital role in kids’ growth and development. Little things that parents unintentionally do in front of their kids might negatively influence kids. Positive parenting is all about how you portray words, attitude, and image in front of your kids. The tips mentioned above can help in adopting positive parenting skills.