An Overview of Sour Diesel – A CBD Hemp Flower

An Overview of Sour Diesel – A CBD Hemp Flower

February 18, 2021 Off By Coves1947

Many benefits are attached to consuming CBD hemp flower and Sour Diesel is among the popular strains. Sometimes, the strain is called Sour D. It is known to have motivating and uplifting effects that can take you from a depressed mood into a productive and creative gear.

There is so much to know about this hemp flower – from its nugs, smell, taste, to the effects that you can get from consuming it. You may want to click here now to see some details on Sour Diesel products.

Origin of Sour Diesel

Due to the fact that the cannabis market in the 80s and 90s was operating underground, it lacked a system of documenting the origins of strains. As a result, the exact origin of Sour Diesel is unknown. Although there is no definite consensus on its original genes, its popularity makes it a subject of postulation.

Some people believe that the original Sour Diesel was a unique phenotype of one original strain which was named Diesel. Some others believe that Northern Lights and Chemdawg, or perhaps Skunk #1, Chemdawg, and Northern Lights were crossed to produce it.

Chemdawg is a strain with a mysterious origin, an ambiguous genetic makeup, and diverse crossing with other strains. These things have made it a popular strain among cannabis users. It has a unique, diesel-like smell that is sharp and pungent such that you can smell it from afar.

It has a high tendency of keeping its users awake during the day, then make them sleep if they consume it at night. Its effects are thought-stimulating and energizing. Chemdawg could be great for task accomplishment because it helps to keep your brain at an optimum state.

Northern Lights is an Indica strain that is known for fast flowering, resilience, and resinous buds. It has a pungently sweet and spicy aroma. It generates psychoactive effects that settle firmly all through the body. It relaxes the muscles and pacifies the mind. The strain can root out stress and depression as well as sleeplessness and pain.

Skunk #1 first bloomed around the late 70s. Its buds have a blend of subtle earth notes and sour “skinniness”. It is a hybrid strain that offers high creativity via its energetic buzz while taking away appetite loss and stress.

Aroma and Taste

Since speculations show that Sour Diesel is a cross of the three stains we discussed above, we expect it to possess the distinct features of each. Well, Sour D is just like its parents as its flowers smell like fuel. Its skinniness has punctuations of sour citrus and gas. In fact, this arresting and peculiar combination of characteristics inspired its name and flows through its flavor.

Sour D has a tangy, funky, and pungent taste with gasoline bursts, leaving sour and sweet citrus on the palate. It is a mixture of the “head high” Sativa and some subtle relaxation Indica. This makes it popular amongst medical and recreational users. The strain is very potent and has a tetrahydrocannabinol content of around 20% to 25%.

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An Overview of Sour Diesel – A CBD Hemp Flower

The buds of this hemp plant are round and medium-sized. Its leaves have a yellow-green color, and the pistils have red hairs, contrasting with the leaves that are densely packed. The pistils collect pollen from the male plants.

When you cure the flowers, they become a bit sticky. Unlike strains that are more resinous, the trichomes dusting is not very obvious. However, when you break the buds open, you will discover that the trichomes are coating the inner parts of the flowers.

Furthermore, the buds possess an overpowering aroma that is just like gasoline. This odor has traces of orange smell. And when you break or grind the buds, the smell intensifies, adding components of pine sap and musk.

The smoke of Sour D is notoriously harsh and acrid. It can cause your sinuses to water or make you cough.  Also, it has a vaguely skunky and sour taste that you may find unpleasant when you inhale the smoke. But when you exhale, the ammonia tang will sting your palate and could linger for some time.

Therefore, if you want to keep your smoking discreet, you need to know that this strain has an odor that can travel a long distance. You can visit this website to see the benefits of using medical marijuana.

User Experience

The upbeat effect which Sour Diesel gives is like a warm head rush. It also uplifts moods. Although it simulates a synaptic activity within the brain, its psychoactive effect is a bit more spacey than cerebral. If you are consuming the strain when surrounded by people, you could feel chatty. But if you are alone, you could be introspective.

Additionally, the “high” is accompanied by physical relaxation but it would rarely lead to a full degree “couchlock”. The euphoria that the strain brings could be useful in treating symptoms of depression, stress, or anxiety. Its likelihood of resulting in associative thinking could provoke some creative inspiration.

Just like other Sativa dominant strains, Sour Diesel alters one’s mental state and could be overwhelming, leading to paranoia or recursive thinking. Hence, if your tolerance to tetrahydrocannabinol is low, you have to adjust your intake accordingly. The average length of “high” lasts for about two to three hours.


Sour Diesel is a legendary strain with powerful psychoactive effects. It is Sativa and contains a high level of tetrahydrocannabinol. It is suitable for people who have a high tolerance level and extensive health problems. You can use the hemp flower in different ways such as oil, vaping, and a rolled joint. Whichever method you choose, the effects are the same.