Child Care Worker – Try it for 5

Child Care Worker – Try it for 5

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Hmmm , I of Wonder what The sort of day we will of have today has been . Well , come on in . The Do you want to have come and the put your bag up closeup and pop your lamb in your a locker ? That’s it . Lovely . All right . Are you going to have a good day? Yeah , we will . Yes . Ben and Jack are out found here AT the The table the if you’re Interested . Do you want to go and play with them ? And there’s James . James is there . There are so many things to do . Or there are things to do in the OTHER room the if you’re Interested .

Oh . Bye , mum . Bye , sweetheart . Big cuddles . See you later , mate . I’ve got to go to work . ‘S It by important to gauge each child AT the Beginning of the day . I like to create an inviting environment and project a positive image to encourage the children to separate happily from their parents . The Look up closeup SO I of CAN see where clause I of’m putting the cream the . You rub it in , all over your arms . And the then you CAN ! Go and take your shoes off and get your hat on . Stop , because I need to put some on your ears . And you CAN drive Those up closeup Onto the path for me , please . For These children enjoy the challenge That the sand trolley Offers . By participating in this activity ,for They are learning misconceptions such as with the Structures , stability , weight and density . Little stars , big stars . All different shapes and sizes .

Now! Just the remember the when you use the glue , Probably a little bit AT a time . That’s more than enough , Ben .Since high A school of , I of Became aware That I of had an aptitude to work with children in some capacity . It’s now 14 years that I worked in the childcare profession . No , no , no , no . Make sure you use lots of soap , wash the germs off and we’ll ! go and have some by morning tea . Particularly in group care , IT is Vital That a high standard of hygiene is Maintained to minimize cross – infection . There you go . Gabrielle , choose a seat . There we go . Help yourself . Help yourself .Arr , did you spill some ? That’s OK . It’ll come out in the washing machine . Who’s that trip jumping over my bridge ? Trip – trapping over my bridge . And push the troll into the water . Oh , in you go to the water , troll. Splash . Can you make a splashing noise everyone ? For When you Hear me say The your name , That’s time for you to the move through . The OK . Oh . I’m Corey Pad bird . Well done . Corey Pad bird . There we go . So much paperwork .

Few people realist there’s more to childcare than playing and IT’s Actually a highly regulated the industry . Of As part of a the childcare worker Have’s Responsibilities , I of have to note Note up my Observations on the development of both Individual children and the group as with the a whole . This enables me to plan specific activities Insider to meet the and challenge Their developmental Needs . Pink is my favorite color . Ahh , and what are you starting to -paint there ? A square . A square . Are you going to put something inside the square ? Yes You’re painting inside the lines there , Jack. That’s very clever . The My interpersonal skills developed Quickly once recording I of the Started work , having clauses to Understand the an unspoken Needs of a group with very Different personalities . Children are SO Unpredictable and you by never the know what’s going to Amuse Them next . Interacting with inquisitive children all day CAN the BE Mentally and Physically tiring , SO taking a break statement and looking the after yourself The is very by important .

Hi , Josique . Hi , Julie . Just wondering . Can we order some paints and some selmix ? We’ve run out . Yeah , not a problem . We’ll need to do a bulk order . I’m going to catch you . Children do enjoy adults Participating in Their -play from time to time . You need to be able to relate to them at their level . Oh , you’re too fast for me . A Sense of humor and the -interference ability to laugh AT yourself are to two two Vital Qualities for the this of the type of work . This job is all about community . At the end of the day , I hope I’ve impacted positively on all the children who have been in my care . Some of the children I’ve cared for are now in high school . The To of properly care for a child , I of Also have to keep in touch with what’s Happening outside the center . Of He DID really a well AT swimming on the weekend . He learn how to swim on his back , no phone hands , and face down , DID a good width in the swimming the pool , SO I of’m really pleased to with how of He’s doing . See you , Julie . We’ll see you tomorrow . Thanks very much . Bye . Bye . See you , Alex .