Fashionable Modern Series | Good-Looking And Easy To Wear

Fashionable Modern Series | Good-Looking And Easy To Wear

April 16, 2020 Off By Coves1947

There are always a lot of “sequelae” to resume work after the epidemic. The two most important points are physical gain and mental laziness.

So this is the time to start from the appearance and appearance, and strive to invigorate the spirit and let yourself look radiant!

A good day begins with spiritual work!

When it comes to the most suitable for “resuming work”, of course, it needs to be concise and neat, a smart and aura ▼

People rely on clothing and horses on the saddle, unique style of clothes can make people different, such as Japanese clothing, retro clothing, do not enter the grunge shop.

Cigarette Pants + Shirt

To say the most “professional” combination, it is a suit. Today’s trousers are no longer stereotyped straights, they are more like cigarette pants with loosely tailored shirts. This kind of match is suitable for both work and daily outings ▼

Big Flared Pants + Top

If you want to be more solemn and more formal, you can choose big flared pants.

Long flared pants will modify the proportion of people’s figure better, and become long legs in seconds! And it can modify the leg shape very well, it is the first choice for girls with muscular calves ▼

The black top, with a short front and long back cut, can reveal our legs well. The loose version can also cover our small belly very well ▼

If you think wearing black is too rigid, if you want to be more casual, you can also wear a flower top ▼

Like these two days, the weather is a little bit cold, you can also wear a T-shirt and a blazer outside, smart and stylish ▼

If you think white pants are difficult to control, you can choose to wear black bell-bottom pants, which are very thin ▼

With classic black stripes and lace-edged sleeves, it can well modify our small arms ▼

If you have a pear-shaped body with thin legs and a small belly, you can choose a slightly longer shirt as a match ▼

Or a floral shirt with a dazzling element ~ Retro fashion girl is you ▼

Jeans + T-Shirt

Needless to say, the matching of classic jeans + T-shirt! Simple, spiritual and comfortable match ▼

The small ribbon design on the waist of the jeans adds a sense of fashion to the overall ▼

It can also be matched with a national style top and instantly stand out from the crowd ▼