Holiday Office Party Invitations and Planning

Holiday Office Party Invitations and Planning

October 14, 2020 Off By Coves1947

It’s very important to pick the right Holiday card wordings. Wordings set the tone for the events and also lets the guests know how to plan for the party in advance. However, wording for this kind of holiday invitation messages will depend on the type of the party, the guest lists, the theme of the event and most importantly the location. Here are some suggestions about the wordings to use on a Holiday office party invitations and some tips for planning for the party.

Customize The Invitations

It’s always important to consider paperless invitations to make the holiday stress-free. Customizing the Holiday party invitations helps you send the invitations to all the coworkers and clients and at the same time manage the guest list with ease. It’s easy now to create custom polls, send messages and also send virtual invitations to more than 10 people at a time.

To finalize the invitation, you can customize and upload your own invitation templates with your own photo or the company logo to make it look more formal. You can choose from all the preexisting designs which provides you a personal space for you to share the photos and socialize with your guests. You will actually not miss anything on the list.


It’s always important to inform your guests of the proper etiquette for the office event. On your holiday party invitations, it’s good to specify the dress code, the types of drinks allowed and any other essential details. You obviously don’t want to let a business official event look like a birthday party or a bridal shower.

Address Using Their Proper Titles

In the case of a formal event such as a Business Holiday party invitation, it’s very important to address all the guests using their formal and proper titles such as Mr. and Mrs. Make sure the name also matches their respective guests formal names and not their nickname.

Write The Date Of The Event In Full

Don’t use numbers when writing the date of the event. This is very informal and may not set the right mood for the formal event. Instead of writing 20th December as the date of the event, its’ important to write it as the Twentieth of December

The Favor Of A Reply

You should let your guests know that the favor of a reply is needed apart from asking them for a RSVP. A good example is ‘’ you are invited to attend a summer holiday celebration, (The name) requests the honor of your presence at the 10th annual summer wonderland ball.

Let The Co-Workers Know That You Are Honored To Celebrate With Them

In case of a formal event, let your guests know that you are very pleased to celebrate with them in such a special occasion. You can equally make it a little funny. I mean you can write words like ‘’you are invited to an afternoon of laughter and good cheers to celebrate with your Company and coworkers.

How Do I Plan An Office Holiday Party?

Planning a formal office holiday party can be challenging especially if you don’t have the right information. There’s always so much to consider in this case starting with the timing, the budget, venues, foods and drinks. Here are some tips to help you plan an Office Holiday party better.

Set The Date

The first thing to do is to determine a time range when the party can be held. Remember people like to travel during the holidays especially Christmas holiday. So, time your event perfectly to avoid inconveniencing some of your workers.

The Type Of The Holiday Party

It’s also significant to determine the type of Holiday party you want to host. The fact remains that there are tons of ways you can go with an office Holiday party and the way you structure your holiday party will make a difference. Is it an at-work holiday party, after hours Holiday gatherings, or Holiday group activity?

The Budget

Determine the amount of money your office is willing and able to pay for the event. It’s always important to hire a professional to help you with the planning process. If the budget is tighter, you can minimize some of the activities.

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