How to Build Confidence in Your Children

How to Build Confidence in Your Children

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Not all children grow up with the feeling of confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes things can be stressful for children, especially if they need to juggle between school assignments, exams, social interactions, and chores at home. Studies show that about 20% of children experience some form of bullying, which can further affect their confidence levels. To raise successful, happy children, we need to build up their confidence and teach them how to value themselves.

With That in Mind, We Are Going to Take a Look at Some Effective Ways That You Can Build Confidence in Your Children:

Show Love Genuinely- parents love their children, but they are not always able to express it. A display of love is the most important thing for small children. During challenging times, children want to feel loved, appreciated, and accepted. Unfortunately, they don’t always get those from their schoolmates and friends. It’s a big parenting mistake to ignore expression of love, especially if things have been challenging at school.

Give Praise- when praise is due, parents shouldn’t hesitate to give it to their children. It’s the positive feedback that shows children that they are doing the right thing. It is also a measure of achievement and worth. However, it is important to give praise and advice even if children made mistakes.

Set Realistic Goals- it’s important to help children become more focused on goals that they can reach right now. They should focus on a sense of achievement when they reach their smaller goals. If children struggle, consider breaking up a goal into multiple mini-goals, so children won’t have the feeling of failure.

Teach Positive Affirmations- when talking to children, always incorporate positive affirmations in each sentence. This will instil positive self-talk into them, which will contribute to an increased sense of confidence. When children are preparing for an exam or sports competition, positive affirmations will make them feel much more motivated.

Teach Resilience- children should realise that failure and mistakes are inevitable parts of life. They should also be prepared to face pain, criticism, and setbacks. Tell children about your own experiences and how you persisted to reach your goals.

Pursue Passion- every child is unique and your children will have their own interests, hobbies, and passions. As long as it won’t interfere with their homework and school assignments, allow children to be passionate and more confident about the things they like to do.

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