4 Ways to Manage Children’s Anxiety This Holiday Season

4 Ways to Manage Children’s Anxiety This Holiday Season

November 12, 2020 Off By Coves1947

For many children, the holiday season is everything they have been waiting for all year. Chocolate galore, much-awaited presents, and more can give children so much fun. However, for some kids, the holiday season may not be as conducive for their mental health. Well-established routines give children a sense of structure and a feeling of safety. When schedules go out the window, some children can be vulnerable to anxiety. Parents are often busy planning holiday events, decorating the house, cooking Christmas meals, and visiting relatives. It is easy for children to feel side-lined and receive less attention than usual. If children throw tantrums and become rowdy, these could be signs of anxiety.

With That Being Said, Here Are Some Things Parents Should Do to Make the Holiday Season More Enjoyable for Their Children:

Involve Children When Making Decisions- parents should have a holiday plan to make things more organised. Ask children what they need and want for this holiday season. Be perfectly clear of their worries. The plan should include solutions to address your children’s personal concerns. Allocate flexible downtime when things become a bit hectic for the whole family. Children should have the opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief and to relax. Visiting multiple stores and relatives in one day can be too much for children.

Empathise With Your Children- parents should encourage children to talk about their feelings. Unwanted feelings can be scary to children. A seemingly normal situation may be upsetting for some children. Assure children that you will always support and help them. When children are concerned and have fears about something, try to calm them, and provide rational explanations.

Allow Slower Transition Into Social Interactions- encountering many new people can be distressing for some children, especially if they rarely meet strangers. Children should enter social interactions at the right pace. When going to stores or to visit relatives, small children can bring books or a cuddly toy, so they will feel comfortable. It may be a good idea to pre-warn friends or relatives that your child is a bit sensitive in new places. Avoid forcing children to interact with new people.

Ensure They Get Good Rest- the holiday season can be tiring and routine-stretching. Remember that small children require more sleep and rest than adults. They need regular naps, and a lack of sleep can contribute to mental meltdowns.

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