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5 Ways To Ensure That Your Teen Is Safe Behind The Wheels

November 4, 2020 Off By Coves1947

Experienced and new drivers should observe safety when they are on the road. For teenagers, they must understand that keeping road safety improves their experience on the road. Before you allow your teenager to drive, explain to them the value of safety, and illustrate how they can enjoy a safe driving experience. Here are five ways that can help to  keep your teenager safe behind the wheels:

Remind them About Road Signs

Remind your teen the value of warning signs along the road. The signs warn you of unseen danger and features that improve their driving experience.

Speed limits, bumps, animal crossing, hospital ahead, sharp corners ahead amongst signs help them anticipate various road features.

Explain to your teen that following the road signs enhance their safety. If they fail to obey the signs, they endanger their lives and those of others.

Talk to them About Keeping Away From Distractions

The temptation to pick calls or fiddle with the radio is common among teens. Remember, your teen is in the stage where they want to be self-reliant and prove to others that they are grownups. Unfortunately, some behaviors can lead them to accidents. Texting, snacking, receiving calls, and fiddling with the radio can divert them from the road. Suggest snack breaks to eat during the journey and make essential communication before sitting behind the wheels.

Safe Driving is Caring for All Road Users

Safe driving means that you care for the wellbeing of pedestrians, other drivers, and yourself. Emphasize to your teen about the time, lives, and finances lost due to careless driving. When your teenager realizes that life is fragile and that there are consequences for unsafe driving, they will be more careful on the road.

Peer Pressure Undermines Risks

Teenagers are open to taking more risks than adults. According to a study, an area in the brain develops fully after the teenage years. This explains why teenagers are likely to overestimate their potential and underestimate risks. Teenagers do not anticipate some consequences for their actions, and they end up taking more risks. Although not all teenagers exhibit risk-taking behavior, parents should reinforce the value of safe driving to their children.

Knowing the Car

Before your teen starts the journey, please encourage them to familiarize themselves with the car. Even though they have driven a different vehicle in the past, tell them to take time to understand the functionality, capability, and other relevant information about the current car. If your teen needs to add the tire pressure, they need to be aware of the limit not to overdo it.  Understanding the speed limit will help your teenager determine the best speed to drive at, which will be safe for him.

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Additional Tips that Enhance Road Safety

When driving on a new road, encourage your teen to focus on what is happening on the road. Furthermore, ask them to use a map or GPS for guidance. It is easy to lose focus as you look out for exits, turns, bumps, and land maps. So, encourage your teen to use GPS when driving along a new route. If they have company in the car, they can use Maps for more precise directions. If they want to use the map, they can study the map well before starting the journey. If they need to confirm the route, stop the vehicle along the road to confirm the direction before proceeding with your journey.

Do not assume that your teen is thinking about safety when driving. Talk to them about what safety means and the consequences of unsafe driving.