Exploring the Solar System at Home

Exploring the Solar System at Home

July 26, 2021 Off By Coves1947

During the worldwide pandemic of 2020 the world transitioned to home centered everything. Everyone got really good at doing things at home. Even though most places have resumed somewhat normal restrictions after the COVID-19 shutdown, many people are still being cautious and have grown accustomed to spending more time at home. Many families have transitioned to a homeschool environment as well. Home is a great environment for kids to learn. It is typically a comfortable place where they are more likely to explore and ask questions.

Whether you are formally homeschooling or just want a fun learning activity, check out these solar system projects that are great for all elementary aged children. As a bonus, you probably have all of the stuff you need to do these activities already laying around your house. Kids naturally love science and it shouldn’t be like pulling teeth to get them excited about all the vastness of space. 

Food Planets

There is quite a difference in size between the planets. Finding a variety of different sized food items around the house can help children visualize just how large some of the planets really are. While it doesn’t have to be exact, the objects that you choose should make sense in their size representation. There are a few online charts you can reference for this, but the solar system projects link above will tell you exactly which fruits represent which planets size the best. 

Toilet Paper Scale

During COVID everyone got very possessive of their toilet paper. Hopefully by now we are far enough past that you won’t mind sacrificing an entire roll of toilet paper to science. Not only is the size of the planets kind of surprising, but the distance between the planets and the sheer amount of space…in space…is just as astounding. If you have the space to unravel an entire toilet paper roll each square of toilet paper will be equal to ten million miles. The above link will show you where to place the planets in accordance with this scale. 

Create Your Own Planet

Part of the reason why science is so fun is because it involves a lot of creativity. There is a lot that has yet to be discovered, so there is a lot of room to think creatively about what else could be out in this vast universe. This project should be done after learning about the other planets in the solar system so that the predictions made about this planet are somewhat accurate. Vocabulary used should be appropriate. With the solar system project link from above you will find a template so that your child can answer questions like what size, shape, and color is your planet. They could also brainstorm what its name would be, where it would be located and whether or not life can survive there and what types of life can be found. 

Solar System Projects

Spending a lot of time at home as a family can make tensions run high. Most of the time kids only act out if they are bored. If they always have something better to do they probably won’t look for trouble. Having a rolodex of fun science projects for them to do is just one idea. These solar system projects are easy to do on a whim with items found around the house. If you try one, let us know in the comments!