Finding Childcare for Parents Who Work Non-Standard Hours

Finding Childcare for Parents Who Work Non-Standard Hours

July 20, 2021 Off By Coves1947

Finding the right childcare centre can seem like an impossible task, and it only becomes more difficult for parents who work non-standard hours and need to find childcare solutions.

Most childcare centres operate from 6am to 6pm weekdays, but there are some services that offer extended hours care for families who need childcare outside of these times. Parents looking for out of hours childcare have a few main options to choose from.

Extended Hours Long Daycare

While most long daycare centres offer childcare within standard working hours, some centres are beginning to offer extended hours care for families with non-standard work schedules. These centres rarely provide overnight care, but they can offer early morning and late evening hours.

To find centres that offer extended hours care to suit you, search online, and ask centres near you about your options for after-hours childcare.

Family Daycare

Another popular option is family daycare. Many family daycare educators are able to offer extended care and education programs, tailoring home-based childcare programs to suit the needs of enrolled children and families.

Communicate with your chosen provider to find out what they can offer. Family daycare providers are often able to adjust programs to suit individual families and schedules.

Occasional Care

Occasional care providers offer ad hoc childcare, catering to all kinds of schedules. With occasional care, you’ll be able to enrol your child for as little as one hour to as much as full-day care. Occasional care operates on an as-needed basis.

While some occasional care services stick to standard operating hours, others provide extended hours options. Ask your prospective provider about the hours they offer and how they can accommodate parents with non-standard work schedules.

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Nannies and Au Pairs

With a nanny or au pair, families can find childcare solutions to suit any work schedule, with many providers offering live-in childcare. Nannies and au pairs can be expensive, but for families who are unable to find childcare that accommodates non-standard working hours, they offer a great solution.

Nannies and au pairs are often able to offer childcare at any time, making them an ideal choice for parents who work overnight.

In-Home Childcare

Similar to nannies and au pairs, in-home childcare providers offer childcare and education programs in your home, and these providers are often able to cater to non-standard childcare schedules. As with more typical childcare options, in-home childcare providers can be subsidised by the government if relevant criteria are met.

Look for a qualified childcare provider who can work when you do, and ensure that you choose a provider that offers great-quality education and care.

Where to Find Centres Near You

Choosing the right childcare provider is no easy task. Fortunately, resources exist to help parents find great centres and solutions.

If you’re looking for a high-quality childcare centre near you, MyXplor offers location-specific childcare listings. For example, a parent in Rouse Hill, New South Wales, might visit the MyXplor Rouse Hill to find Childcare Rouse Hill.