Factors Affecting Education of a Child

Factors Affecting Education of a Child

March 2, 2021 Off By Coves1947

A common misconception is that intelligence is only genetic, and external circumstances have hardly anything to do with it. But, it is not true as studies show that the environment a student is in, contributes a lot to their academic carrier and general results. Continue reading this article to know how the educational outcome is affected by family structure and circumstances.

Family Structure: A child requires stability in early life to form a healthy perception of the world around him. To be able to perform better, he needs all the support and love that he can get. Children coming from a broken family, often fail to engage fully in their studies, so fall behind in class. Students who encounter physical violence at home are not able to stay focused on their lessons.

  • Maintain a sense of calm and decorum at home for the sake of children. If the parents quarrel among themselves, it leaves an impact on the children.
  • Divorces are common these days, so if the parents are separated, they should maintain a disciplined life to ensure the schooling does not suffer much. Parents should not change the child’s schools multiple times, as it disrupts a healthy educational system.

Family Income: Financial hurdle is undoubtedly one of the significant obstacles a child has to face. Students who are financially well off, get easy access to tools to further their studies, whereas poor children often lack the supplies to carry on their education. In this digitalized world, gadgets help students get e-books and research data, but unfortunately, not everyone has access to computers and internet connections. Many children from poorer countries do not have enough means to continue the study and opt for an early dropout from school.

Parent’s Qualification: Parents’ education often is the sole contributing factor in a child’s learning growth. Parents with higher literacy know the value of education and therefore, take care of their child’s schooling requirements seriously. These children are often enrolled in preschools providing them with a fitting start to their journey.

  • Well-read parents spend a considerable amount of time explaining their kids, different techniques that enable them to achieve better results. Parents also help their kids how to develop the close reading skills from early childhood education.
  • Studies show that the numbers of languages spoken in a household leave an impression on the young minds, as various languages are portals to different cultures. A child who is fluent with multiple languages has added advantages over the students who don’t.

As a parent, you must provide your child with the required books and supplies to boost his study. If you cannot help him with his lessons, arrange a tutor who would spend time with him and teach him the difficult chapters. These days, digital apps and websites provide students with online assistance. These services are proven helpful for children who need special care and extra guidance. The child must know that nothing is impossible if he works hard to get to his destination.