The 5 Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In Jamaica

December 29, 2020 Off By Coves1947

Buy Property In Jamaica

A Vibrant Property Market

Not so long-ago Jamaica has attracted the attention of the global real estate environment. This happened after a property appeared on the Jamaican real estate market with a price tag of US$139 million. This property continues to be the most expensive residential property for sale in the US today. As far as the economy is concerned Jamaica have shown healthy growth and according to Forbes this is one of the most attractive Caribbean countries as far as Forbes investments is concerned. In fact, just about every industry and sector in Jamaica has seen a substantial increase in investments and naturally this has had an extremely positive impact on this beautiful island. Not only is the economy in Jamaica very stable but statistics also show that the economy is steadily improving.

The Golden Triangle

this is one of the most expensive residential areas in Kingston. This is probably why numerous embassies as well as diplomatic residences can also be found in this suburb. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of Golden Triangle is because it is very close to new Kingston. Because of this people living here can quickly reach the airport and in fact this area so long been one of the most popular among affluent residents of Jamaica. Houses can be purchased for around US$1 million.


There are many extremely beautiful residential properties on the Northwestern corridor of Jamaica. People can enjoy luxury living in several of the ultra-luxurious private villas scattered around the region. Many of the beautiful residences have unobstructed views of the legendary championship golf course but many villas are also looking out over the Caribbean Sea. People can expect to pay anything between US$500,000 up to more than US$7 million and in fact prizes in this region is often some of the highest in the entire island.

San San

This is another extremely beautiful and sought-after area in Jamaica. San San is located on the northeast coast and it has also become known as the Jamaican Riviera. Nevertheless, the beautiful suburb of San San is located on the mouth of the blue Lagoon. To followers of movies this may sound familiar and this is not surprising because this area has actually been the site were many Hollywood movies has been shot. This is probably why the prices of luxury villas in this area can be anything from between $800,000 and $2 million.

The Lagoons

A large number of ultra-high-end residential properties can be found in the Lagoons. All of this is part of the peninsula not far from the Montego Bay Yacht club. There is a shared outdoor swimming pool in the neighborhood as well as tennis courts, 24-hour security and a well-equipped fitness center. For those who prefer to purchase an empty plot, they can expect to pay approximately US$500,000. However, when it comes to expensive houses in the area, they will sell for over US$3 million. There are many high-end developments in the area as well as many bars and restaurants and the majority will be within a 1 km range from the most of the residential properties.

Treasure Beach

The jewel in the Jamaican crown is without a doubt Treasure Beach. This beautiful area continues to provide tremendous value to all prospective property buyers who are looking for an extraordinary home. This area has long been considered to be one of the most relaxing and charming neighborhoods in all of Jamaica. This neighborhood is situated in the southwest of Jamaica and many of the affluent and elite citizens of this island will willingly pay extraordinary prices to purchase properties in this neighborhood. Such prizes can reach between four and US$5 million.