Huggies Vs. Geego – Should You Spend that Extra?

Huggies Vs. Geego – Should You Spend that Extra?

December 29, 2020 Off By Coves1947

Huggies and Geego are both great brands that provide comfort to the babies. Each brand has their unique characteristics which makes them special. But which one is the best? To answer this question, you will need to evaluate a lot of things. Surely, Huggies has been leading the market since a very long time. Who says Geego Baby Diapers can’t?

While buying baby diapers, there are numerous factors you must consider at first. Say that the absorbency, the material, customization, comfort or even price. All of the features combined determine whether you are making a good investment for your dear baby or not. So, let’s see which one provides the best deal. Huggies or Geego Baby Diapers? Keep reading the article until you finally find out the answer !


  • Absorbency
  • Material &Texture
  • Elasticity & Waistband
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Cost


Each baby is uniquely beautiful but they have one thing in common. Yes, it’s the poopy time we’re talking about! While buying a diaper the feature you must remember is the absorbency. Luckily, both Huggies and Geego provide enough absorbency to keep your baby dry for a long time.

Huggies Vs. Geego

Material & Texture

Huggies is made from wood cellulose fiber and polyacrylate. Combining with other materials such as polypropylene, polyester, and polyethylene, polyacrylate helps to prevent leakage from the diaper. The absorbent fibers will keep your baby happy all day.

On the other hand, Geego is made comprising super absorbent polymers. Comes with three absorption areas that absorb liquid very quickly. The diaper locks wetness for up to 12 hours straight. You can count on this diaper for your baby’s goodnight sleep and baby’s skin will remain dry and soft, all protected from the liquid.

It’s necessary to check the textile type of each diaper you buy. If the fabric texture is hard for a baby, your little ones may suffer from rash and irritation very easily. As baby’s skin is super sensitive, it would be a foolish task not to compare the texture within an adult’s skin. So, think about how the baby will feel wearing the diaper.

Huggies comes in nonwoven fabric which contains different types of plastic resins. These are different from the traditional fabrics we use. They are softer, better absorbent, and helps to maintain the skin of the baby.

Geego Baby Diapers are also made from nonwoven fabrics. They are designed in a way that the diapers are breathable. So, the baby doesn’t get any rash or irritation due to lockage system. The cottony touch will provide the baby comfort and save you from worrying about your baby. But overall Huggies feel more softer to touch compared to Geego.

Elasticity & Waistband

Huggies features pocketed waistband that is exclusively designed to keep the mess inside. It has a firm grip which does not slip easily while the baby is moving. The pocket design ensures everything is locked inside perfectly and prevents any type of leakage.

Speaking of Geego Baby Diapers, they come with extra stretch waistbands on all their diapers. The waistbands are patented with stretch fasteners making it more secured for the baby. You can be tension free as these ultra-contoured elastic bands will provide both comfort and flexibility to your child.

Huggies Vs. Geego

Wetness Indicator

The most wanted feature in any diaper is the wetness indicator. It allows to check if your baby is wet and if it needs a change immediately. You certainly don’t want your baby to remain in wet wear, right?

So, Huggies came up with an authentic solution for their diapers. They feature a Wetness Indicator that changes its color from yellow to blue when the diaper is wet. Undoubtedly, it’s a brilliant idea to know promptly when your baby is wet.

On the flip side, Geego Baby Diapers warns you when the interior is wet through same wetness indicator. It will save you time and money, providing you with ease in parenthood. It’s awesome that you won’t have to manually check the diaper if it’s wet. All hail Wetness Indicator!


As one of the leading brands, Huggies is a little expensive than the other brands in the market. It has been out there for a very long-time building parent’s trust. That’s why the price is justified at over $0.22/count.

On the other hand, Geego is fairly inexpensive with a great service at within $0.14/count. It has all the premium quality features that keeps your baby safe and secured in its nappy time. For the question – Should You Spend that Extra, the answer is yours.