Tips for Parents Dealing with Birth Injury

Tips for Parents Dealing with Birth Injury

April 7, 2021 Off By Coves1947

A safe delivery and healthy mother and child are all that any expecting parents can ask for. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, complications in childbirth occur, some of which result in birth injuries. 

While this is devastating news for those looking forward to positive outcomes, it’s important to stay focused on providing the best care possible for both mother and child. Parenthood is a long, challenging journey, and the presence of the birth injury makes it all the more exceptionally so. 

With these tips, parents dealing with birth injury can hopefully cope better as they go through their journey. 

Know Your Legal Rights

Birth injury cases are considered to be a highly niched type of personal injury. As such, you can actually file for damages and compensation if you feel that you have been a victim of it. The legal process will be tedious by itself, and the onus to prove liability on the part of the doctor will be on you. 

This is why it’s crucial that you seek the help of legal professionals, such as the Birth Injury Justice Center, to get the help you need. It’s not just the physical and emotional damages incurred that you’re seeking recompense for. There is also the matter of finances that will surely take a huge hit because of all the treatments and special care, possibly life-long, required for the child.

Come Up with a Treatment Plan

Birth injuries like Cerebral Palsy will need a lot of care and support. It’s physically demanding, not only for the patient but also the caregiver. Whoever will fill in this role will need to have the utmost commitment and dedication. 

Staying organized will therefore be crucial in easing the challenges of this very overwhelming duty. Making sure to be present at each and every doctor’s appointment is important so that you will be kept up to date as to what should be done next for the treatment. 

Rehabilitation or treatment exercises need not be limited during treatment sessions in the hospital. These can also be carried out at home, which is why you should know how these are carried out, so you can also assist the patient at home.

Have a ready list of emergency contacts, medication schedule, allergy and sensitive information, and others, and have everyone in the household and school be aware. Dealing with birth injuries like cerebral palsy can be better faced with support and teamwork. 

Make Connections

You might feel like you are alone in your experience, but know that there are many other families going through the same thing. Join social and support groups related to this condition; not only do you get an expanded support system, but you’ll also have better access to resources and information you might need to better provide care.