Surrogate Mother Cyprus: Affordable Surrogacy Clinic

Surrogate Mother Cyprus: Affordable Surrogacy Clinic

March 26, 2021 Off By Coves1947

Becoming a mother is a big dream for almost every woman. Due to some medical reasons, it may be impossible for a female to endure pregnancy or to give birth to a child. In this case, there comes a surrogacy solution.

How much do you know concerning surrogacy in Cyprus? Here, it’s completely legitimate. The surrogate law and the whole procedure have unique differences if comparing to other countries in Europe.

To get the ball rolling, permission is given only to altruistic surrogacy arrangements. What does it mean? The surrogate mother is to carry a baby without being paid any extra fees.

If you plan to have a baby, consider surrogacy in Cyprus on The World Center of Baby is the local agency that has already helped many couples to become mom and dad. Our clinic provides you with the best modern medical services, including gay maternal options for LGBT.

The procedure has been permitted for Cyprus residents since 2002. It proceeded then with an extension in 2014, which permitted foreign men and women to become parents through a surrogate mother, too. Moreover, Greece is considered one of the countries that guarantee legal protection to parents-to-be.

It’s necessary to know some aspects before finding a clinic that’ll make your dreams come true. What are these requirements? There’s a myth that a surrogate mother Cyprus is too expensive and a long-lasting process. When it comes to having children, your case can turn out to cost not that much. So, you don’t have to pay some unbelievable sums of money.

The surrogacy cost Cyprus would range between $85,000 to $100,000 on average. This is only the approximate price since it includes the most basic things:

  • Agency work services;
  • Fertility clinic fees;
  • Attorney services;
  • Additional compensation for the surrogate mother’s needs.

Thus, you may need to pay some more money for surrogacy moms’ compensation and coverage in case of unforeseen events.

The World Center of Baby: Surrogate Mother Services for Everyone

Our surrogacy agency is proud to provide LGBT surrogacy services. We believe that everyone has the right to start a family. Therefore, we’re honored to help you create your own.

Surrogacy is a perfect solution for gay men willing to give birth and bring  satta up their offspring. The same goes for lesbian couples who aren’t able to get pregnant or endure pregnancy. We’re glad to help you on your way to happiness!

For the LGBT community, the procedure is done using different methods. They include egg donors, gestational carriers, and IVF. Before the operation, you must:

  • Genetic biomaterial. Unlike surrogacy for straight individuals, same-sex parents need to choose whose sperm or egg they’re going to use;
  • Choose a familiar or anonymous donor. Most often, the majority of both LGBT couples and individuals prefer to cooperate with a familiar donor in the course of the process.

The World Center of Baby is about to make your dreams come true!